MKH-3 world’s most flexible CARTONER

The MKH-3 is the world’s most flexible end load cartoner ! The machine can be adjusted in less than 1 minute to pack different cartons shapes ! It is a very cost effective cartoner.

The MKH-3 is a fully-automatic cartoner. It is an intermittent system that is designed to be very simple to operate and maintain.

Production speed: up to 50 cartons per minute. For a high speed end-load cartoner click here.

Applications: bags, toys, toothbrushes, tubes, medical supplies, panty shields, bottles, jars, cans, wafers, etc.

Construction: stainless steel.

Net weight: 950 kg

See Videos:

  Butter carton package

 Packaging five sachets in carton

  Wrapped chocolate bars in carton boxes

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  Packaging big pizza in carton

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 Packaging cakes in cartons

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  Morinaga fliptop for bars

 Waffer wrap

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 Udarnitse tray + leaflet

 Corn Good Will

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 Packaging spice bags in display boxes

  Packing six pack cola cans in cartons

  Packaging salt in cartons

 Packaging Kneidalaj in cartons


 Ready made salad cups box display packages

  Packing tissue paper in carton

  Packing tampons in carton boxes

  Packing tissue paper towels in carton boxes (MKH-3)

 Packing dental paste & leaflet in carton

 Packing dental paste & tooth brush in carton

 Tuckin and glue of small sachets in carton

  Tuckin of 12 mm diabetim sachets in carton

 Packing rubber gloves in carton box

  Packing bag in box

  Packing water filters in carton

 Packing kitchen foil film roll in carton

  Tuck-in against ants carton package

 Plastic bags with clips carton package

  Packing water filters in carton

  Big pipes carton package

  Carton packages for Tobacco

  Packaging doypac bags in carton

 Packaging pet food in trays

  Packaging bullets in carton

  Packaging card packs in carton

 Packaging engine motors bearing in carton

 Packaging toy games in carton

 Packaging pencils in carton

Packaging Marrocan oil glass bottles in carton

  Tuck-in: 12 sachets+ leaflet in a box


The MKH-3 is designed for short-term multitasking. It can also run different types of shapes with a five-minute changeover time.

The system is AC- or servo-controlled, providing high performance and ease in synchronizing the machine.

Set up time – 5-10 minutes, depending on the product.

Clean Design The design of the new MKH-3 provides a low-profile machine with a straight clean line, surrounded by a totally clean area that is safe for work.

Accessibility All mechanical and electronic parts are easily accessible and visible so that any irregular issue can be identified immediately.

Mobility – The wheels of the MKH-3 make it easily movable and highly flexible. In no time at all, it can be relocated by simply rolling it to its new location.

Manual Feeding -The MKH-3 can run as either a manual or fully automated feeder, giving high product flexibility.

The machine arrives with a standard OMRON system and 6″ touch screen.

New applications include:

  • Log file of faults, indicated by date & time
  • Fully remote access service, supported by a real-time video camera installed on the system

These applications enable easy operation and reduce machine downtime while waiting for service or local technical support.

We design for human safety – that is our main goal



(L)100mm (4″)x(W)20mm (0.8″)x(H)10mm (0.4″)


(L)330mm (13″)x(W)200mm(7.8″)x(H)110mm (4.3″)

Special applications upon request



  • Fully AC driven motor
  • Full diagnostic fault
  • In-feed conveyor
  • Automatic product feeding into the carton
  • Digital indicators and calibrated scales
  • Generator vacuum source
  • 6″ touch screen
  • 24 VDC control
  • Adjustable carton magazine
  • Omron PLC controller
  • Overload system on the product-feeding system
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Hot-melt glue system
  • CE mark



  • Tuck-in style
  • Tuck-in + glue style
  • Irregular carton shapes– triangular or other
  • Data coding
  • Right/left versions available
  • Leaflet system
  • Automatic integration of in-feed system for any product upon request



Input Power: 200/380 volt, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz, 2.5 kw

Other requirements are available.

Control Circuit: 24 VDC



Operating pressure: 88psi (6 atm)

Line pressure: 103 psi (7 atm)

Air consumption: 400 L/min at 6 bar

Hot-melt air pressure 20-59 psi (1.4- 4 atm)