The MKH-4 is a fully automatic, continuous, end-load cartoner that is controlled by a full servo system on each axis.

The new design of the MKH-4 cartoner enables it to achieve maximum flexibility in the production line, saving weight and production area. Its in-feed system can be separated in one second, allowing plug & play of future changes in the feeder system. See the video below for details.

Production speed: up to 180 cartons per minute. For a lower speed end-load cartoner click here.

Construction: stainless steel.

Net weight: 1200 kg

Applications: bags, toys, toothbrushes, tubes, medical supplies, panty shields, bottles, jars, cans, wafers, etc.

The machine has a variety of unique advantages:

  • The carton erection rotary head is built with a double planetary system to pull the carton out from the magazine while simultaneously erecting the box. A pre-opened box is part of the system.
  • The vacuum system is a new design that allows the usage of air pressure instead of vacuum, resulting in no leakage and maximum efficiency.
  • It achieves high performance and is easily adjusted to synchronize the machine with high accuracy while running.
  • Clean Design The design of the new MKH-4 provides a low-profile machine with a straight clean line, surrounded by a totally clean area that is safe for work.
  • Accessibility – All mechanical and electronic parts are easily accessible and visible so any irregular Issue can be identified immediately.
  • Mobility – The wheels of the MKH-4 make it easily movable and highly flexible.
  • The machine arrives with a standard Beckhoff motion system with a WIN7 operation system and large 12″ screen.

 Additional features:

  • All information available on screen to enable viewing the components’ location and possible faults on a 3D interactive model
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual periodic maintenance reminders
  • PDF file of system manual
  • Log file of faults, indicated by date & time
  • Fully remote access service supported by real-time video camera installed on the system

These applications reduce downtime of machines while waiting for service or local technical support.

We design for human safety – that is our main goal



(L)100mm (4″)x(W)40mm (1.8″)x(H)20mm (0.8″)


(L)330mm (13″)x(W)220mm(8.6″)x(H)110mm (4.3″)

Special application upon request


Technical data:

  • Fully servo driven
  • Full diagnostic fault
  • In-feed conveyor
  • Automatic feeding of product into carton
  • Mechanical indicators and calibrated scales
  • 12″ touch screen
  • 24 VDC control voltage
  • Adjustable carton magazine
  • Beckhoff PLC controller
  • Overload system on product feeding system
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Hot-melt glue system
  • CE mark


  • Irregular carton shapes – triangle or other
  • Data coding
  • Right/left versions available
  • Automatic integration of in-feed system for any product upon request


Input Power: 200/380 volt, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz, 2.5 kw

Other requirements are available

Control Circuit: 24 VDC


Operating pressure: 88psi (6 atm)

Line pressure: 103 psi (7 atm)

Air consumption: 400 L/min at 6 bar

Hot-melt air pressure 20-59 psi (1.4- 4 atm)