The PL-50 robot packaging machine is a fully-automatic, top-load case packer that uses a combination system of case erector and automation robotic packaging to pick & place.

The PL-50 monoblock model of robotic case packing offers unmatched flexibility:  its in-feed unit can be replaced within a few seconds, and be easily moved around. Made by the best packaging robot manufacturers,  plug & play changes of the feeder system enable packing different products with the same machine, as well as packing the same product in different configurations. See the video below for details.

Production speed: up to 13 cases per minute. For a high-speed case packer click here.

Construction: stainless steel.

Net weight: 1,100 KG.

The machine has a variety of unique advantages:

  • The PL-50 has a clean new design. Cables are hidden inside, protecting them from physical damage, water and heat. It uses our new sensor concept method, with the Ether cat connection system.
  • The case erection pulls the carton out from the magazine, while at the same time erecting the case with two sides of the corner. A pre-opened box is a part of the system.
  • The PL-50 is easy to adjust to any case size per specifications.
  • All inner mechanical components are visible through the transparent body, allowing any operator to report mechanical problems immediately.
  • The PL-50 machine arrives with an optional Beckhoff motion system with WIN7 operation system and large 12″ screen.

 Additional Features:

  • All information available on screen to enable viewing the components’ location and possible faults on a 3D interactive model.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual periodic Maintenance reminders
  • PDF file of system manual
  • Log file of faults, indicated by date & time
  • Fully remote access service supported by real-time video camera installed on the system.

These applications reduce downtime of machines while waiting for service or local technical support and enable easy and simple operation.

We design for human safety – that is our main goal



(L)300mm X (W)200mm x (H)130mm


(L)500mm x (W)560mm x (H)400mm

Special application upon request.


Technical Data

  • Construction stainless steel.
  • AC variable speed driven.
  • Magazine for easy loading.
  • Digital indicators and calibrated scales.
  • Griper design special upon the product
  • Automatic opening sleeve style carton for product loading.
  • 7” touch screen with diagnostic alarms.
  • Variable magazine length and height by motor.
  • Over load system on the feeding system.
  • CE mark.


  • Hot melt glue
  • Pressure sensitive tape closing.
  • Servo drive.
  • Length of magazine (up to 700mm long).


Input Power:

380 V, 3 Phase

50/60 Hz,

Power consumption depend on the sealing system.

Control Circuit: 24 VDC.


Operating pressure: 88psi (6 atm)

Line pressure: 103 psi (7 atm)

Air consumption: 300 L/min at 6 bar

Hot melt air pressure 20-59 psi (1.4 – 4 atm)