Each of the CH-01 series is a fully-automatic,  horizontal side load case packer, designed to wrap multi-pack products.

The machine has fully AC motor control, and is designed for low speed.

The CH-01 has a feeding which can be modified for any product and design, according to production flow and pattern.

stainless steel construction.


Magazine capacity: up to 250 cartons.

Production speed: Up to 20 Cases Per Minute, depending on products and sizes.

Net weight: 1,000 KG.

  • The machine uses a basic pulling unit to feed the cartons with the flow of the machine.
  • Fast carton size change (within 10-15 min).
  • The CH-01 machine is easy to clean and access to all parts, simple and economical.
  • AC variable speed driven.
  • In feed products by servo motor.
  • Generator vacuum source.
  • 6” touch screen with diagnostic fault alarms.
  • Adjustable Carton magazine
  • Omron PLC controller.
  • Hot melt glue system.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • CE mark.


  • Full servo driven.
  • Open flap detection.
  • Increased magazine length (up to 2000mm long).
  • Tray packer, tray erector.

Special applications upon request.

Carton Size Range 


200mm (8”)L x 200mm (8”)W x 30mm (1.18”)H


500mm (20″) L x 400mm (16″) W x 400mm (16″) H

Special applications upon request.



Input Power:

380 V, 3 Phase

50/60 Hz, 4 KW.

Possibility o meet additional requirements.



Operating pressure: 88psi (6 atm)

Line pressure: 103 psi (7 atm)

Air consumption: 300 L/min at 6 bar

Hot melt air pressure 20-59 psi (1.4 – 4 atm)