A Brief History of Food Packaging

The history of food packaging is quite short, considering the impact it has had on the food industry. Not so long ago the food people consumed depended on localized conditions, and even in our grandparents’ time, “exotic” food were a rarity. As industries developed over time, manufacturing processes improved and the impending need for food transport necessitated progress in the field of food packaging. The development of food packaging machines was the inevitable next step.

At the time of the Great Depression in the US, supermarkets revolutionized the packaging industry. Instead of items being carefully weighed and individually wrapped by the local shopkeepers, items were pre-packaged in plastic, a relatively new material. In fact, part of the marketing of products was the shiny package they came in, and the beautifully designed packaging was a mark of quality, something only the wealthy could afford, something obviously not wrapped by hand. Ironic that today the trend is the exact opposite-something handmade, hand-packed, is the mark of exclusive, elite products. Initially, foil wrapped food or plastic encasing were all the rage. The packaging machine was the breath of fresh air vital to the packaged foods industry.

Technology Paving the Way for Change

The innovative concept that bore packaging machinery was that in order for food to maintain its value and quality, packing machines needed to be high-end contraptions that work fast enough for the food to remain not just safe to eat, but tasty and fresh. This meant that the packing machine served more than one purpose. The packing machinery was designed to eliminate the human factor from the assembly line.
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