Packing in Cases

Packing metal cans in carton

In 2016 Lead Technology installed for Filtuna a PL-50 for packing metal cans with easy-open ends and no neck in carton. Up to 250 cans per minute. The technology of box erection has been changed to a positive carton feeder that achieves 99% erection, for both high and low-quality cartons.The innovative new technology of the gripper head enables the loading of metal cans, using a very light and simple magnetic head. The special magnetic metal that works for a wide range of products, from as small as 400 grams, to as large as 5 kilograms. The gripper is so light, it enables usage of a high-speed pick-and-place system, with up to 22 pick-and-place tasks per minute, using a very light system of robotic and low energy.
The PL-50 series is a fully-automatic, top-load case packer that handles up to 13 Cases Per Minute.

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