Are Machines the Ultimate Asset of Mankind?

There are several theories pertaining the anomaly that is the human race. Philosophers regard the progress of human thought, the communication abilities and the technical capabilities that differentiate our species from every other animal as an evolutionary mistake. It is difficult to pinpoint where the leap in human facility originated. When did humans make the leap forward into a dominating being, taming far stronger animals, building cities and infrastructures, and reaching the moon?

Technology Taking Over

Was it the use of fire? The invention of the wheel? Perhaps script was the moment man went beyond mortality. Maybe simple mechanics and their evolvement into computerized, robotic instruments of power are the quintessential tools that render humanity elevated from other creatures. At this point and time human beings have created contraptions that solve almost every aspect of survival. From automobiles soon to have the ability to drive themselves to air-conditioners in every modern home to refrigerators, there is no limit to the human imagination.

As humans living in the present-day, we cannot fathom a world without machinery. The technology is so intrinsic in our lives, that it is impossible to imagine a world without transportation, computers or electricity. It is so deeply inherent in our lives, technology is responsible for social change, whether in the times of the Industrial Revolution to today’s iPhone age. For example, ask any carton packing machine manufacturer just how vital their machinery is to a successful business, for an idea of how exigently dependent man has become on technology.
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